In Progress...

In two of my previous collections, "Loving Myself" (2019) and "Finding Emily" (2020), I tackle self-love and body positivity while learning to fall back in love with the body I'm in. But in this new collection, I want to focus solely on the things we confess to the mirror. Those words that we say to ourselves whether it be good or bad, we still say them. They are our confessions to our reflections. We say them and they either sting or heal. We decide what words to use. Sometimes we choose to tear ourselves down while other times we build ourselves up. That is all up to the person looking in the mirror.


I invite you to go on this self-love and body positivity journey with me. Finally after a few months of just short social media poems, I'll be tackling my sixth poetry collection. I can't wait to share it with you later this year!