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Counting Down to Graduation

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Graduation is coming fast, and I can’t believe it is close to a month away. I will be walking across the gym stage before I know it. I keep reflecting on my time here at the University of North Alabama and get sad about my college life ending. After four and a half years, I am no closer to being ready to end the real world than I was a year ago, but I will eventually take that step. I can’t wait to see what awaits me on the other side of my diploma.


I want to reflect on my last semester and all I have gained from my classes. I will start with what used to be my least favorite class but is now one of my favorites: Photography (to be specific, Digital). I use to not like this class at all because I wasn’t understanding the assignments as much as I would like, but finally, I have been enjoying myself while behind the camera.

A few examples of my assignments since my last post. My portraits of Taya’s are two of my favorites from my Portrait assignment back in September. They were so fun to take plus I got to hang out with my best friend on Sunday morning! My next ones are part of my Word Image assignment from the end of Septemeber and the Saturday I spent with my best friend Heather and her husband David at the boat races. We had a lot of fun while I took pictures for my assignment and Heather loved getting some of her and David. Truly one of the best days of this semester! My first picture of beautiful water is the image I used for the Reflections assignment in October, one of my best pictures since my cemetery flowers. I absolutely loved this assignment because I finally got to show off my hometown a little bit. Lastly, my images from my most recent critique of the assignment High vs. Low Contrast Lightning. I absolutely love the barn picture and how I got a great composition without trying too hard. The berries are so beautiful and simple, which I love. Overall, the last month or so has been filled with beautiful photographs and a great deal of learning.

The class I never expected to enjoy ended up being a wonderful class full of new material and writing prompts during the coursework in Art Appreciation. I love all of my discussion posts during this course, but the last one really made me think. Everyone dreams about their future everything constantly, but not me. The only future thing I think about is how I am gonna be as a published author, not about my future home. So, when I read this assignment I was like, “Well what do I say?” This was the first post all semester that I had no clue what to say or where to start. When I sat down to write my post, I just wrote how I felt and I think I ended up with my ideal future home quite quickly! Although I had trouble, I think this one ranks as one of my favorites and most challenging assignments in this class.

Screenshot (41)

Discussion Post: My ideal future home

The fun times continue when I get feedback on my portfolio cover from my amazing advisor in my Professional Writing Class. She reminded me that I am indeed a photography minor and should use my own photography on the cover. So, I went home and came up with a different photo that day and a new one was born. I have to be honest, I love the second one better anyways! Although this class is hard and counts as my exit exam to graduate, I have really enjoyed making my writing portfolio this semester.

Screenshot (42)

This semester has been a whirlwind and it isn’t even over yet! I have loved every minute even the bad ones because it is my last semester memories and I will cherish them forever. UNA is truly my second home and always will be.


Pumpkin Carving is more fun with family!

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