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I Did It!

Dear Nanny,

I talked to PawPaw on Sunday before I moved across the river for my first official night at my house. He melted my heart. He said he goes and talks to you every day and told you about how I was gearing up to move into my house. I told him to talk to you for me, of course.

We all miss you. Not having you here while I move is really hard. You've been through every change with me until you were the element in my life changing and I had to do it without you by my side. It's been hard. Last night, it hit me hard as I laid in bed. I cried. I miss having you to call when I get settled in. But, no worries, I have Dustin to call. Plus, Momma bought me stuff for my house like you did for Jess when she moved.

Just little pieces of you are still in our daily lives. You are gone but not forgotten. You are heavily missed as well. Going through this time in my life without you makes my heart hurt because I still need you. Even though I need you physically here, I know you are watching over me as I transition from my parents' house to my own house. You are with me, always.

You would have loved seeing all those boys helping me move; giving my parents a rest. You would have laughed and told me to be good like PawPaw did before I left. Oh, you would have smiled and joked with me. You would love my house, Nanny. Oh, the would's I would give to have with you right now. But, I know you are in a better place and reunited with your parents just as I was flying the nest from mine. I can feel your happiness. I don't even think you are cussing anymore because I got all of it - I'm working on it. :)

Anyway, I can't wait to have your mirror in my new bedroom. My grown-up bedroom as we called it. Oh, you'd love it so far. A fuzzy light pink rug and cute lamp added nicely to my chaos.

Oh, and Buttercup loves her new house. She's doing so good. But, I know she'll miss her crackers from Nanny and PawPaw. Hopefully, she'll get to visit with the old man soon and get a cracker.

I hope you know I am doing okay. I'm hanging in there the best I can. Getting used to this life without you has sucked, but I know you are watching and that makes it easier. That makes it feel like you are near. Now you can travel with me wherever I go. You'll always be with me.

Until Next Time,


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