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Lipstick, Pumps, and A Secret

(4/12) Creativity Blog Series: What a character wearing red is thinking.

A Short Story Sequel

I need to get these guys out of here, Maddy Stickmen thinks to herself.

Maddy stands on the curb of an Italian restaurant waiting for her new man to show up, all is quiet on this side of town. Only the fanciest and richest folks are out having a very late dinner, but in her case, a first date dinner. Yet, this isn’t her first rodeo.

She has been down this road before, just yesterday she went mini golfing with this guy named Blake, who loves golf, but she was pretty meh on the game. Though she was looking for a hot date, and he fit the bill. They played mini golf and had some drinks afterward, mixing fun with pleasure. A twist of fate happened for Blake, he turned up missing the very next day. His sister, Beatrice called the police and filed a missing person report when her brother didn’t show up for lunch this afternoon.

That is old news to Maddy, she is on the prowl for new blood and this guy is just that. A changeling of keys catches her attention as she looks up to find her new treat for the evening, Stephen.

Stephen is tall, handsome, and rich. Not only can he carry his weigh-in paying the bill, but he can charm a girl into staying for more than one glass of wine. So, Maddy has heard. She isn’t looking to wine and dine, even though it is very tempting. No, Ms. Stickmen is in the business of making pretty boys like Stephen disappear.

I hope my lipstick is perfect, Maddy subconsciously thinks as he closes the gap between them.

Fast forward to the next afternoon and Stephen’s face is plastered all over the town. Flyers are stuck to every business’s window up and down the block as Maddy makes her way to her meeting. His beautiful face fills the streets and she shivers at the thought of what she had to do.

After passing several flyers have last night’s clean-up, she opens the door to her top-secret meeting with her boss, Sam Gold.

Mr. Gold is the head of her latest operation, take down the pretty boys. But what people don’t know is that Maddy is trained to flirt and lead them on to trust her until she can take care of them. Dressed to the nines with her red lipstick and pumps to match, she gains their trust then makes them disappear.

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