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Me, Myself, and I

(5/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Describe yourself in third-person – your physical appearance and personality – as though you are a character in a book.

A Short Story

Lucy Berry Lee pushes a strain of her long brunette curls behind her ear. Her husband, David sits beside her on the park bench as they stare at the duck pond. She spots some ducks swimming close to the edge and how they look like a little community.

Her oval face is shaded by the tree and her bangs hide her forehead as the wind threatens to reveal it. Pulling at the bottom of her pink t-shirt, David grabs her hand and rubs his thumb across hers. As she turns to smile at him, her earrings catch the sun and cast a beautiful glow on her face.

As they stare at the ducks, Lucy drifts back to when they were just teenagers. How nervous she was to spend time alone with David. Look at them now, enjoying the sunny day. She thinks about how silly she was whenever he came around. Giggling and trying to crack jokes even though she was bad at it. But, that didn’t matter because David would still laugh with her.

Now as Husband and Wife, she sits here and focuses her hazel eyes on the man she married. The same one she met freshman year of high school. After all this time, she sits relaxed because he is her safe place to land. No matter what they are doing she knows she can be her silly self around him and he will still be like, “that’s my wife!”

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