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Netflix Addict 

My Netflix Addiction

Ah, Netflix. The source that pulls at your heart to binge tv shows and multiple movies. It keeps you away from your homework and stress. It lets you release your strugglings and relax.

“Hi, I am Emily. I am a Netflix Addict.”

But, aren’t we all. College is a matter of who is struggling and who is surviving. Sometimes we need an escape from that world. So, we dive into a completely addicting world of Netflix shows and movies. That is better than the alternative of drugs and alcohol, right?

It definitely is because all we are doing is sitting on the couch in the dark watching Netflix. We aren’t out partying or destroying property. Instead, we are relaxing our brains with comedy, drama, and mystery.

Netflix is our escape.

So, have that all-night binge while laughing, searching for clues, or yelling at the screen like the characters can hear you.

Don’t forget to relax a bit, treat yourself to a night of Netflix.

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