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Two More Weeks Down

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

I have come to the conclusion that time is speeding up and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Didn’t the semester just start last week? Sure feels that way, but no. In fact, the semester started exactly a month ago today (September 22nd). How can this be? I guess when stress stays at bay and you’re getting things done in a timely mayor time seems to fly by. So thankfully, a month in, my stress has managed to stay at bay and let me stay breathing fine.

What’s happened in the last two weeks? So many things, not all good, but for the most part everything has been amazing. By paying attention to the world around me, I have learned some valuable lessons over the last two weeks, as well.

Above: Two of my recent photos. I am actually starting to see improvement and so is my professor, who I have had since 2016. The two fountains are my Depth of Field assignment, the one concept I struggle to grasp the concept of every single time, but somehow I managed to capture it in this photograph. My third assignment had me looking for the color that is all around us (did you know it is hard to find color when you are looking?). These flowers are actually cemetery flowers that I quickly took a snapshot of when, yes, I was strolling through my church’s cemetery taking photos (spooky, right?). I ended up picking that snapshot to edit and turn in, and I am so glad I did. I have seen so much improvement in my photographs!

Above: Unedited Photos from my ongoing portrait assignment. Upon receiving this assignment, I freaked out. I don’t take photographs of people, I am more of a landscapes photographer if I had to guess. So, I was a bit worried about getting this done. I reached out to my parents and two of my best friends (one not pictured, more to come in a later post) on helping me this weekend. Let’s just say, this was my first time really taking photos of people (besides vacation this summer) and I am really happy with how they turned out.

Here are the lessons I have learned over the last two weeks:

1) Learn to trust your creativity – I have such a hard time with this concept. I fail to see my own creative work as anything other than awful and lacking something. That creates negative thinking and someone once told me, that negative thinking isn’t the way to go. I preach on positive thinking, but like many of us, I fall into that pit of negative thoughts that want to consume me. Don’t let the bad vibes consume you: You are better and smarter than that mess!

2) Improvement doesn’t come fast – this improvement took 2 years. When I say that improvement takes time, I mean a lot. You may get discouraged, but don’t let it stop you from dreaming of that day someone says, “You’re improving.” You will get there little by little – the hard work and struggle will be worth it!

3) Don’t be afraid of new things – I struggle with this a lot. I like trying new things sometimes, but other times I would rather just stick to what I know ( insert High School Musical song). But, if we never step outside our bubble, we will never grow. You want to bloom like a flower, right? Try something new: Meet that person, pick up a new hobby, learn a new task in your hobby – do what makes you happy!

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