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My third collection is available on Amaz
In my new poetry collection, "Anxiety Doesn't Own Me," I share a big piece of my past struggles in my poem, "A Little Broken". I wish 17-year-old me hadn't felt that lost, but it happened, now I can tell you all, that it gets better.

To 17-year-old Emily,
I wish I could go back and tell you that the storm will pass and that you'll be okay. I wish I could give you a hug and that you wouldn't feel like you do. But know it does get better. Now 6 and half years later, we are finally closer to God than ever. It may have took years, heartaches and trials, but we made it to the other side. I'm finally owning my truth and pain of my past and rising above it. You helped me grow and make me the woman I am today. All your struggles led me to wanting something more in my faith, we made it. We're here. You aren't alone. You are so loved. You are worthy. You are enough. You are wanted. 💕 Keep moving forward. You don't have to sink anymore.
With love and hope,
Emily ❤️

September 2019

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