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Will You Love Me Again Series

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Will You Love Me Again? (Book #1)

Going through high school and being high school sweethearts, Lucy and David seem to have the perfect relationship. After being recently married, marriage stress doesn't hesitate to bite at their vows. As the story goes on, Lucy, an aspiring writer, begins to have her suspicions of David and if she can trust him. As you are taken through this whirlwind romance, you quickly learn how love can be taken from you in an instant.

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Look Inside
Published by Dorrance Publishing Company 
in March 2020

Where Will We Go? (Book #2)

Two years of marriage ruined by one drunken mistake.

Lucy’s story is not yet over. In the sequel Where Will We Go?, Lucy Berry is faced with new challenges that will both excite and challenge her. Newly divorced from her high school sweetheart David, she is plunged into a new world where David is now engaged to his mistress while she has to navigate a life after love and heartbreak.

Just when Lucy is feeling unworthy of happiness, a silver lining presents itself. She lands her dream job as a travel writer. Follow aspiring author Lucy as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery with her best friends by her side. Witness as she blissfully immerses herself in French culture while hitting all of Paris’ hot spots for her new job. Laugh along while she helps throw an epic murder mystery birthday bash. Most of all, join Lucy as she transforms her self-doubt to self-love, ending a tragic year with the surprise of her life.

Will Lucy finally leave David in the past or will he continue to haunt her dreams?


Look Inside
Published by New Degree Press 
in December 2021

What's Next, Lucy? (Book #3)

After landing a Getaway Travel Magazine Writer position in 2021, Lucy Berry is living her best life with her family and friends cheering her on every step of the way. What’s next for her? She is flying to Orlando, Florida to write about the best vacation spot - Walt Disney World.

*First Draft Complete on 4/6/22*