"Remember You"

Your past doesn't concern me,
My present is your face smiling in the dark.

My future I hope is too.
Tonight is ours.
Tomorrow I hope is too.

If you leave tonight
I will remember you right.

A smile that lights up my darkest days.
Sense of humor so bright.
My laugh a bit louder.
Voice a bit lower.
Heart a bit mended.
If you leave here tonight
I'll remember you right.

No hating your soul
Or dragging you through the dirt.
If you leave me here tonight,
Standing all on my own,
I'll do you right
And remember you tonight.

"I Remembered You"

I kept one promise -
the most important one.
I lost your face in the dark
but I honored your memory in the light.
Keeping the hurt bottled up tight -
never ruining your good name
like I thought you were doing to mine.
Remembering to be brave alone -
just like you taught me
before you left me standing alone.
I promised I'd remember you right -
I did it
I'm still keeping it.
I miss you smiling at me,
those lazy eyes glowing in the dim light.
Tonight I release the memory -
and choose to remember the good.
Locking you away in the deepest parts of my mind -
only for me.


You walk by - my heart is heavy,
once yours,
so broken - as you walked away.
We said goodbye in the fall breeze.
I am better now as fall ended again.
No longer wishing you’d love me
nor needing your approval.
Do I miss you?
Clarity - I finally have it.


Hidden away in my heart - 
a door is there,
I keep my feelings of us
that used to burn bright.
Smoke - A signal - 
to not ever feel those flames again.
I blew them out, months ago -
Crackle, pop, the flame 
dimmed - slowly.
Erasing the never-ending cycle.


An old battle
packed into a box
on the top shelf,
far away from my new life -
where new versions 
of you and I exist, equally.


I am me, You are you,
Thank you for giving my heart - 
back, its rightful place. 


“Foggy Mind”

I still think about it sometimes.
How your hands felt in mind.
Desperately I’ve missed your kisses in my room.
But streets divide us – 
more like cityscapes.
Dense fog clouds my judgement.

I still think about it sometimes.
Your hands tangled in my hair.
Your lips gently kissing my forehead – innocent.
Instantly I’m taken back to my cozy apartment
Chisolm road – our escape to be alone.
My safe place to land was you.

I still think about it sometimes.
Wait – I think I slipped,
loose lips.

I still think about it sometimes.
The fog swallows my thoughts – 
no clarity. 



"You can't save me"




"The Unknown Feeling"






"Adding Fuel"


📷: Victoria Dean Schrimsher

I wonder when the random nightmares will
You were my moon, I was your sun. 🌕☀️.j
Anxiety's knocking. 🚪.jpg
For as long as I have breath in my lungs
"In some cases, we first need to disappo

"In some cases, we first need to disappoint or enrage someone, or to break their heart, for them to finally show us their true colors." 

Mokokoma Mokhonoana 🎨

I matter, too. 💜.jpg
I've never felt so free. 💜.jpg
Sailing out of the storm ⛵.jpg
first loves leave a lasting impression.
Another one bites the dust. 🙆.jpg
"I hope you never lose your sense of won
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