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Nanny and I had a special bond. She wasn't just my grandmother, she was my best friend and mom. I grew up next door to her for the last 25 years. Whenever I was sad. mad, scared, heartbroken, or happy, I ran to Nanny's house. We would talk until our throats hurt and our heads ached from laughing or crying. She heard everything in my head. There is probably little I didn't share with her while she was on this Earth.

My Nanny went to be with the Lord on April 25, 2021. I am thankful that I held her hand almost until her last breath. I was honored to write her a poem for her funeral. A copy of that poem went with her, as most of my poems have over the last few years. 

I am an author, and my Nanny loved that about me. I want to honor her by writing to her. Here's to you, Nanny, 79 wonderful years, and I still have many things to tell you. I love and miss you, My Sweet Angel.

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