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I Still Talk To You

Dear Nanny,

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't mention you, talk to you, or need one of your talks and tight hugs. You're in my thoughts daily. Every decision I make, I feel you near...wondering what you're thinking about what I'm doing. Every time I'm sad, I look up and talk to you. If Heaven had a phone, I'd still be the first one to call. I'd talk your ear off every day if it meant you could give your signature advice and pinched-up nose replies. I'd give anything to see your face again. But until Heaven calls, I'll settle for seeing you in my dreams every so often.

You've missed so much, but have you? You made your Heavenly presence known at my wedding by bringing rain and thunder as soon as we were done with the ceremony. Were you celebrating in your own way? Either way, I'm so thankful you met Dustin before you passed. We both still love and miss you so incredibly much. I know that even though you are in Heaven, you love me more than anyone. No one, not even Dustin, can recreate our kind of love. The relationship I had with you, my grandmother, is unlike any I've had in my life. And maybe someday someone will come close, but for now, I'm so glad our bond was so unique. There was no one else like you, Nanny. You were an angel on Earth who made sure I didn't get into too much trouble but still had fun. All while loving me and gossiping with me.

I'll carry you with me all of my days. Your legacy lives in all of those you impacted in your 79 and almost 80 years. I hope I'm making you proud.

I love and miss you every day...

Until we meet again,


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