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"Where Will We Go?" A Sequel

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Early Praise Readers

“Emily’s Where Will We Go? reminds us to be patient and kind to ourselves as we heal from heartbreak through love from family and friends. Heartbreak is merely a chapter in our life’s journey – not the entire story.”


- Elizabeth Lucy Ivanecky, Author of The Child in Us: A Collection of Stories about Happiness

“Emily Craig showcases her characters with bold realism.”


- Kailey Bright, Author of Unfortunate


“Empowered friendship leaps out from the page to wrap you in a warm hug. These characters are too adorable and fun!”


-Kirsten McNeill, Worthy Writers Editing




“Where Will We Go? is a reminder of how some of the most important relationships are with our friends and will leave you wanting to pack your bags and travel the world.”


- Jessika Rucker, Podcast Host of Reading, Writing, and Loving Everyday




"I was so honored to be able to read an unedited advanced version of a selection of Emily's new book. It was so great! I'm so excited to see if Lucy finds romance on her trip to Paris. I can't wait to be able to read the whole novel! Beautifully written."


- Cassidy Fairbanks

"Emily's imagery is great. I feel like she found her voice in Chapter 4. I can't wait to see the rest of where Lucy will go."

- Thomas Rhodes

"I love the continuation of Lucy's story! I enjoyed every aspect of what this book has to offer."

- Ambre Stark

"I can't wait to see where Lucy will go."

- Dustin Hooie

"Emily's book has a great storyline and there's nothing I would change about it. She's got a great layout and it's gonna be another great book!!!"

- Jennifer Partridge

"Where Will We Go? picks back up after Lucy's divorce from David, as she learns to continue her life without him in it. More than ever, she's leaning on her friends as she navigates this new adventure, and traveling to the place she's had her heart set on forever... PARIS! Follow along with Lucy in Where Will We Go?! This book is for everyone, and not for one set person who reads only the same genre of book."

- Brianna Mason

"With a fantastic journey after heartbreak, this story shows the magic of healing, growing, and going. Where Will We Go? is a unique story that shows how life truly goes on and a leap of faith can lead us to extraordinary possibilities."

- Reilly Vore, Author of All My Love, From the Trenches

"My favorite part was the Cimetière du Montparnasse - translation "The Genius (Angel) of Eternal Sleep". My character Michael Sparks finds inspiration from the graveyard to write two new horror poems. When we think of "horror" and "thriller" we automatically think of something that is scary or that jumps out at us to provoke a scream. But sometimes the true thriller is being unhappy, day in and day out, coming home to someone who was thought at the time to be a good boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, whichever is preferable. The horror can also mean admitting that you are unhappy even when anyone and everyone thinks your life is something they want. Craig's sequel admits that in the preface, and as she leans on to her friends, Lucy embarks on an adventure that she and her best friends will never forget, all the while understanding that with the right people, she can be happy again."

- Stone Parker

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Bianca, MRE

Anyone who has experienced heartache can relate to Lucy. Emily did a wonderful job showing that heartbreak is not an end all. I loved reading about how Lucy bounced back from her past relationship and landed her dream job. The power of friendship is super strong in this novel. LOVED IT!

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I finished your book this weekend and now all I want to do is go to Paris. I have never been but your descriptions of it are inviting. I enjoyed watching your writing journey, seeing your hard work pay off, and reading this wonderful story.

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