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Copy of Book #3 Reveal (Banner (Landscape)) (4).jpg
*First Draft finished on 4/6/22*
*Edited First Draft finished on 10/18/22*
May 2023 

Lucy used to feel alone, broken, and empty until she found herself, love, and laughter in the tiniest of moments.
Her story is far from over. In What’s Next, Lucy?, Lucy Berry is the happiest she’s ever been in ages. Her journey will bring many changes and exciting times that she can’t wait to experience. Newly engaged to Mason, Lucy is finally coming into her own. She is happy in her own skin as she and Mason travel to her next writing assignment destination - Orlando, Florida.
Join Lucy and Mason as they explore Disney World one park at a time. Be excited with them as they plan their Spring wedding, throw Michael’s horror-themed birthday bash, and celebrate Jenny and Aaron's new member of their crew.
Is Lucy ready for all the changes or will she get cold feet?



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