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What's Next, Lucy?: WYLMA BOOK 3

Early Praise Readers

"Lucy and Mason are planning their wedding and they are in their favorite place in the world, Disney! Emily has done a fantastic job of bringing you to Disney World with them and also bringing you into their relationship. Having had traumatic relationships in their pasts, they have come together to create a beautiful match. I look forward to continue reading the third book in this series!"

- Cassidy Fairbanks, Beta Reader

"What's Next, Lucy? is a beautiful continuation of Lucy's journey to healing and new found happiness. An absolute must-read in 2023."

- Ambre Stark, Beta Reader

"If you are looking for an uplifting read, What's Next Lucy? is for you. I warn you though - only read if you believe in love."

- Carole A. Sellman, Author of "Family Reborn"

"Emily does it again giving me all the feels on Lucy's adventure. One ticket to Disney please!"

- Jessika Rucker, Podcast Host of "Reading, Writing, and Loving Everyday"

"This is the most fun I've had at Disney away from Disney—Emily Craig is refining her craft and her work is meant to be shared outloud with friends."

- Kailey, Author of "Unfortunate"

"This book isn't just for romance readers/ Disney fans, it truly is a book for everyone. Emily truly hit it outta the park with this book. I can't wait to see what else is in store for Lucy and Mason, and see what else is in store for their next chapter in life!"

- Brianna Mason, Beta Reader

Amazon Reviews

4.7 | 5 Rating

Goodreads Reviews

N.L. McFarlane

This is an emotionally engaging, disney fuelled, love with all the hardships of pain and self recovery in between they elations of family, friends, and true love novel which really draws you into the highs and lows of the perfect relationship after heartache. 

Marissa Hux

Emily has done it again with the imagery! I haven't been to Disney since 2000, but this story took me right back there. It was like walking through the park with Lucy & Mason. Experiencing all the sights and food with them!

I was so happy to see where Lucy's journey went next...because boy she has been on one heck of a ride through her life.

This perfectly navigated her next steps of being engaged and continuing her writing journey. A great wrap-up to her story.

If you are a Disney lover, I know you'll love this one!

4.4 | 10 Ratings

Cassidy Fairbanks

Absolutely loved this book by Emily! Lucy & Mason are a match made in heaven! Mason continuously proves to Lucy that he’s everything she needs. Love the Disney setup & how it can take you back to your childhood! Fantastic book! I love it!

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