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"Will You Love Me Again?"

I honestly loved it.
Its mostly about Lucy's blog and her passion for her writing. I think the whole thing was to show what made her her! Not too dependant on the male side of the story which was refreshing. It was an intriguing novel. I suspected everyone from the get-go, couldn't tell how it was going to turn out and I think people will love reading this.
I mean,the ending just came out from nowhere like BHAM!
Thumbs up from me!

At first, I thought this book was your predictable young adult romance novel, but there are small bits here and there that expounds on the topic of relationships.


Relationships in this book, such as romantic, platonic, and familial further bring out the illusion of romance that we see concerning Lucy and David in their marriage.


What a wonderful book! Each page was full of life, and the end was SO unexpected! Can’t wait to read more from this author 💕

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A brilliant new novel by


‘Will You Love Me Again’! The story of newlywed high school sweethearts who discover marriage isn’t always a fairytale. Can Lucy trust David? Can their love survive?

A wonderful book!


Being high school lovebirds, they have a perfect relationship to crave for, until they get married. As you read their saga, you realise how everything, including love, can be taken from you instantly. The plot was addictive, which kept the pages turning. Craig's writing prose, and how she has crafted the saga is truly commendable!

A fab-read, in fact, my best read of 2020!

Natasha Sheganlall

I had the opportunity to read and review this book. So, thanks to the author and @Booktasters for the chance.

The story revolves around a character named Lucy and the love of her blog writing.

This was a good story and a quick read, although certain areas were very detailed.

Interestingly enough this is not a romance novel like I had originally thought so don't go reading on and expect a typical romantic or fairytale ending.

No spoilers here but give it a read!

Mrs. Debbie Coulter

Wonderful! Awesome! Entertaining! Marvelous! I really enjoyed it!

Vasiliki Tzalachani

I was looking forward to reading a romantic book and I got what I was barging for. Although I was looking forward to the breakup I didn't like how from one moment she was suspecting and the next was the confrontation with full-on fight and breakup, it was a little anti-climactic but I do understand that life is sometimes like this that's why I also liked a little because it made the story and characters more real and relatable.


Yesterday I read the book, even though the characters were young the plot could still be for adults.  

She kept suspense in trying to determine who would cheat and with whom!!

I finally guessed, but not how it happened.

Good writing!

I also like that it was easy to read.


S.J. Main

However, the story does not bode around their relationship or go into depth as to why David and Lucy fall apart. Instead, it focuses on Lucy and her journey blogging.
The narrative is mostly one-sided coming from Lucy, which took away any connectivity or depth from David’s character. I found Lucy to be very interesting and wanted to see how she was going to pick herself up. The literature was descriptive to the point where you even knew what song was playing in the background. However, it was not written as a story but mostly like a script. I was not sure if that was necessary. However, the lineup of events ending to the finale kept me intrigued enough to see how it was going to end. Love and romance are mostly represented as Lucie’s thoughts and poems.

Elizabeth Ivanecky

Emily takes you on an incredible journey through the ups and downs of married life between Lucy and David in "Will You Love Me Again?".

What I loved about this book is that she shows the real worries and concerns in a relationship and that no relationship is perfect.

There is so much real feeling between these characters and so many little, special moments that Emily pens that capture the beauty of being with someone special. Even though a relationship can never be perfect, her message rings loud and clear: Never give up hope on finding a lover who makes you feel special, loved, and happy. Love isn't perfect; it's real.

It's not your average romance novel. The twist ending was totally unexpected and made me learn that love takes two people who aren't willing to give up on each other.

Beyond the romance, I adored the friendships and family love in this story. Emily weaves together a beautiful story that shows several different kinds of love in life -- a reminder to appreciate all the kinds of love we feel in life.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who's interested in a good romance novel with a twist. This book is a must-read. I adored it!

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This book was quite an engaging read from the beginning. I like the way Lucy’s writings were included in the book. However I feel like it was too one sided(Lucy’s part alone)
Their break up and all happened too fast too it wasn’t elaborate enough in my opinion.
I think that’s how the writer wanted to portray it anyways
I enjoyed it.

Really amazing book. Threw me for a loop at the begin, wasn't until near the end that I started to figure out who the other woman was. The author really knows how to keep her readers on thr edge of their seats guessing.

Will You Love Me again is great at showing you the healing process. The memories elude to an internal search for answers without directly saying it. You dissect the happy times looking for the flaws and the times when Lucy had a gut feeling that she pushed aside - which is exactly what you’d do if you reflected on the relationship as if it were yours.


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Right of the bat it draws you in and makes you question their relationship, then unfolds the details through the remainder of the book. There are little tidbits sprinkled thoughout that show the anxiety and mental turmoil going on in Lucy's head while she analyzes her relationship. It makes you want to keep reading to further dig into the issues and see the outcome.





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Ivy McCune

My Goodness! Boy, can I say I didn't think I would like reading a Young Adult book but she did a great job. It's almost like reading about her life and my hometown.

I love the cover of the book mainly because I found the book in the romance section and was not expecting to see a fighting couple there. That said, I must give a minor spoiler alert. This is NOT a romance book so don't expect a fairytale ending. Rather don't expect a lot of romance either.

I’m fluttering because of David and Lucy sweet marriage-life but then hurt at the end. Well Lucy deserves better. Nice story! I got the whole point! We might love something we think the best but maybe it could be bad for us.

Okungbowa Victory

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