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Our founder, Gordon Dorrance, had a dream of becoming a published author. But traditional publishers rejected him. In 1920, he created a better way to get published and founded Dorrance, America’s oldest publishing services company. It’s this pioneering spirit that Dorrance uses to empower everyone “with a book in them.”

Book Orders department at or toll-free at 800-788-7654.

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march 2020


Going through high school and being high school sweethearts, Lucy and David seem to have the perfect relationship. After being recently married, marriage stress doesn't hesitate to bite at their vows. As the story goes on, Lucy, an aspiring writer, begins to have her suspicions of David and if she can trust him. As you are taken through this whirlwind romance, you quickly learn how love can be taken from you in an instant.
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“All these pictures. All happy and in lo

“All these pictures. All happy and in love! Was it ever real?” - "Will You Love Me Again," Prologue.

“I now, for the first time, present to y

“I now, for the first time, present to you, Mr. and Mrs. David Lee.”

- "Will You Love Me Again," Chapter 1.

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My first ever book interview is on the front page of the Lifestyle section for the Athens News Courier Paper - 06/13/2020


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