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This Weekend Was Hard...

Dear Nanny,

I needed our long talks more than ever this weekend. I needed your advice, your listening ear, and your story opinions. Man, do I miss it all.

My anxiety went through the roof on Saturday, and I needed you to tell me it was going to be okay. I cried in the shower and said that I wanted you. I really did. My emotions were a job for my Nanny to deal with so I could rant and work through my feelings. I know you are looking down on me shaking your head and wishing you could be here to help me. I wish you could.

Besides the bad moments, I've had a lot of good moments as well. I have now been in my house for a week, woah! I am surviving. My bank account, not so much. But, I'm trying to keep a better eye on my spending...I promise. My budget is my best friend, ha! Homeownership has hit hard, gracious. But I am making it and doing okay. I wish you were sharing this new experience with me, but I know you are with me wherever I go. I have your picture on my refrigerator to keep me smiling.

I love you. I miss. I'll see you again.

Until Next Time,


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