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marias at Sampaguitas

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4-Line Poems

I love these three stanzas. 💕 Heartbreak theme for Marias at Sampaguitas got my deepest emotions out and my hardest goodbye to date in poem form. For almost two years, I've written about the roller coaster of emotions I experienced with someone I used to love so much - I am finally closing our chapter with this poem. I think this is one of the realest and deepest I've shared from that time in my life. Thank you for all the loving inspiration you gave me, and even the heartache you left me with - I've grown so much. I'll always remember the purest form of the love I had for you, but it is time to move on. 💕


Part two to "Closing Our Chapter," "My Chapter" is in response to their Healing theme. 💕 From moving on from someone I deeply loved to falling in love with myself - here's my take on healing last year's pain and moving forward.


Love Is In The Air

This poem means so much to me because I'm finally really opening up my heart to someone new. After the last two years, it is surprising that I'd even want to, but here I am trying. This one's for you, my crush. The one guy that gives me butterflies with just a smile. 🥰
I wrote this a few weeks back, but it still rings true. I get butterflies every time I'm near him or he smiles at me. I like this, it's safe, yet exciting.


Friends Forever

Thank you, Marias At Sampaguitas for always pulling the best little poems out of me. I absolutely love this one! My best friends mean the world to me and they know exactly how to calm the storm raging in my head. ❣️

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