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Emily Craig

I fell in love in Springtime
as the flowers bloomed
and birds chippered a happy song.
His eyes as blue as the sky
on a warm March day.

A season of rebirth
so they tell me.
I grew a year older
as the world continues to
ring in Spring.

Smelling flowers
in a field of daisies.
Spreading my arms
to let the wind take me away.
Listening to the bird’s song
as I catch his blue eyes
staring at my side profile.
as if the dawn of Spring
gave him new information about the girl,
he’s known since Winter days
and chilly, snow mornings.

Love isn’t always what it seems.
We weren’t a Shakespeare love affair –
Not a lover as such.
We weren’t a play coming to life.
but caught in that moment,
I felt like Juliet,
standing on her balcony
as Romeo gazed at her from below.
Waiting for the moment it all changed,
but that moment never came.
Instead I fell in love with me.

A new love begins
as the Springtime takes form
right in front of me.
My revival begins –
A love in Springtime.

Issue II, Renaissance 


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Theme: Flight


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Theme: Love


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