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Different Turns, What Could Happen?

(7/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: What could have happened to you in high school that could have altered the course of your life?

With my five-year high school reunion coming shortly, I often find myself asking this very question. One different turn could have altered my life from that point on, and I wonder about it sometimes. Every time that question comes to my mind, I think of how different freshman year until now would have been altered had David never said hi to me in English that year.

But first, let me back up and tell you how we met.

It was David’s first day at River Fork High School, Aaron showed him around the school – classrooms, library, restrooms, and lunchroom. Fast forward to the seventh period of that day, my English class, and a new boy walked into the room.

As David and me talk about this story, he reminds me how we had seen each other previously in the day, and Aaron thinks it is so funny that we ended up liking each other. As if it was meant to be.

Back to seventh period, our teacher, Mrs. Susan, brings David back to the front of the class once we are all seated. She says to us, “Class, we have a new student with us today from Nashville, Tennessee. Everyone give a warm welcome to David Lee.”

The class said, “Welcome to River Fork.”

Anyway, back to how we met, he came back to the seat he had picked but hadn’t really looked around. And this is how David tells it, “When I came back to my seat, a girl to the right of my desk catches my eyes. Her smile bright, eyes sparkling, and her brunette hair flowed around her shoulders. When I sat down, she leaned over and whispered, ‘I hope you like the school and the small-town life. If you need anything, just ask.’ I whispered back, ‘I will, thanks. But you didn’t tell me your name.’ She giggled and whispered, ‘It’s Lucy.’ That was the very first time I spoke to David, and if that hadn’t happened, I know my high school memories would be different. Since that first day in English, we talked and he hung out with Aaron, Jenny, and I after school.

If that conversation would have never happened, I think that it would still be just the three of us. I know at the time I wasn’t in the market to make more friends, David just kind of happened. I wanted to be helpful and it turned into a friendship then to dating and now into an adventure of a lifetime as a married couple. I didn’t have a crush at the time; I don’t remember noticing any guys other than David. Once I met David, everything fell into place.

I think had we not met, I would have focused more on me and my writing career. I would still be best friends with Aaron and Jenny, and after high school, I would have attended The University of North Alabama. I believe that I wasn’t focused on making more friends, but David just kind of happened. Once he happened, I fell and no other guy mattered. I am still living out my dream to be a writer, although it is just this blog, it is better than nothing. I get to do it while being in love and doing life with my best friend.

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