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13 Days Left

This last week has been a whirlwind of chaos, but I survived it! Through sickness, deadlines, and public speaking, I conquered every obstacle. As I approach my final days as a college student, I am happy that I am nearing the end. But, I am also sad to leave one of the places that built me. The University of North Alabama made me into the person and writer I am today. I don’t know who or what kind of writer I would be today without having attended UNA for four and a half years!

This past Thursday night, I conquered public speaking and I think I aced it. I definitely winged the opening, but that’s what makes college so interesting. I have never been one to speak in front of a crowd, but I conquered that presentation with a bit of fear. I wanted to make a video of the poem I read for my presentation on my Professional Writing Professional.

Although I am not a sports fan, I always remember that some of my favorite memories come when I am watching a game with my family. So, I wrote a poem in 2017 about my love for the Atlanta Braves, specifically, Chipper Jones.

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