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1950’s Dream Date

Fifth Love Letter Blog Series post: Describe various dream dates.

For my fifth and final love letter I want to describe daydream, maybe ones we’ll go on someday or ones we may never take. But, it is fun to dream up fun days with someone you love, whether they come into play or stay dreams forever. Everyone loves to create stories in their head and wonder how things may go. When I was a little girl, I loved to daydream about my future dates.

I have always loved the idea of going on a date in the 1950’s – diners, drive-ins, and dances, double dates with best friends. My mind drifts off to those places and I end up standing in a dream sequence wearing a cap sleeve flower-pattern dress like I’m on the set of Hairspray.


My 50’s dream date:

I’m twirling in front of my bedroom mirror with a dreamy look on my face as I catch glimpses of my reflection. My boyfriend of two months is minutes from picking me up for our date night. I can’t wait because senior year is kicking my butt and I’m ready for a night of good fun with my favorite guy. I stop spinning to apply a bit of lip balm when I hear a car horn outside my window. I run to the window, push my pink curtains aside, and I smile as I see him waving from his 1948 dull yellow Packard Custom Eight Victoria.

1948-Packard-Custom-Eight-Victoria-2233 cropped

I wave to him, holding up one finger to signal that I’ll be down in a minute. I quickly gather up my purse, throw my lip balm inside and run down the stairs straight out the front door. David meets me halfway up the sidewalk, holds out his hand, and I excitedly take it as we walk to the passenger side door. Like the gentleman he is, he reaches down and opens the door for me (Every girl’s dream, right? This gesture never gets old!).

Before I know it, we are off to the diner. Twenty minutes later, we pull up in the parking lot and the place is already hopping with teens from school. I lean over to David and say, “Wow, this place is busy tonight!”

“I guess everyone wanted a good soda pop, burger, and milkshake!” He smiles at me and plants a kiss on my cheek.


He turns the car off, pockets his keys, gets out of the car, and comes around and opens my door for me. David takes my hand and we walk into the diner together. I immediately break away from him as we step into the diner, I head to my favorite booth. Scooting into the right side of the booth (facing the entrance), so I am looking at my handsome boyfriend walking over to me. As soon as he sits down, the waitress comes up to our table, “What’s it going to be?”

I pick up the menu and look it over carefully, but I already know what I want and David does, too. He takes one glance at the menu and says, “We’ll have a plate of fries to share, two classic burgers, one plain chocolate shake and one strawberry shake with everything.”

Image result for 1950s diner menu with burgers

“I’ll be right back,” the waitress says and she’s off behind the counter. I’m left dreamily staring at David. He waves his hand in front of my face to get my attention, “Hello? Darling. Earth to Lucy!”

I smile, “What did I miss?”

“Nothing, just me being really cute and all, the usual.” “Definitely the usual. You are very cute, I know this very well, silly.” I grab his hand and lace our fingers as I smile back at him. “We are still going to the drive-in after this, right?” I beam.

“Of course, we are. We are seeing that movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still. I think it will be pretty good.”

*** Finally, the waitress returns with all our food and milkshakes, I hear my stomach growl. Instantly I add ketchup to the large plate of fries and dive right in. All the while, David is smiling at me and sipping on his strawberry milkshake. When I catch him staring at me, I take a big gulp of my chocolate milkshake and smile back at him.

“Happy, darling?”

“Very happy, and so is my stomach.” I giggle.

___________ That’s what my 1950’s dream date would be like. A picture-perfect daydream, definitely. That concludes my Love Letters Series, I hope everyone enjoyed. I can’t wait to see what kind of post I write next. Goodbye for now, my lovely readers.

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