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4-Minute Workout With Em

I have gotten into the routine of doing a 4-minute home workout that does actually hurt. I am not kidding, I am in pain before I am done with the four minutes. Especially if I do it a few days in a row. For example, today I did my home workout for the fourth day in a row. Although I don't do the same level of intensity every day, I was still hurting at the three-minute mark.

So, I just wanted to hop on my blog and share with everyone what I have been doing consistently while the world is on lockdown due to COVID-19. I promise the four workouts are super simple and great to do, wherever you are. Plus, you don't need any equipment, just yourself, time, and a good space.

A week before the lockdown was officially set - the gym actually closing - I started working out at home in my bedroom. I looked at YouTube to help me with this new "normal." I found some great ones! Check the videos out and create your own routine from them.

To begin my workout, I start with two easy ones by Workout Anytime. At the beginning of the video, they do what they call the warm-up exercises. I use them to warm-up and as my first two minutes.

There are two types of each workout: Beginner and Intermediate. My tip is to alternate between the two and also depending on where you are in your house or workout space. For me, it is in my upstairs bedroom which is above my parents' bedroom. So, when I workout in the mornings, jumping is a no-no. Therefore, I go for lower-level exercises. In the afternoons, I can choose to go full-out if I like, most of the time I don't.

Routine for the first two Exercises:

Low Jack or Jumping Jacks - 30 seconds

10-second rest

Low-level Butt Kicks - 30 seconds

10-second rest

Low Jacks or Jumping Jacks - 30 seconds

10-second rest

Low-level Butt Kicks - 30 seconds

Low Jack or Jumping Jack - 30 Second Sets (x2)

If you think the Low Jack won't hurt - do it a couple of times. Your arms will ache, but trust me, it is worth it. I do these for 30 seconds each.

Of course, jumping jacks are the normal ones that you learned in gym class.

Low-level Butt Kicks or Butt Kicks - 30 Second Sets (x2)

I'll be honest, I haven't attempted the normal Butt Kicks yet. The low-level ones hurt just as much as they are supposed to.

Routine for the last two Exercises:

Crunch - 30 seconds

Crunch with leg lifts - 30 seconds

Crunch - 30 seconds

Crunch with leg lifts - 30 seconds

Get ready for your abs to burn, folks. When I started my home workouts, I was looking for something to build up my abs, more or less to lose my belly. So far, I am just hurting. But, that means the workout is working. Only two types of crunches, each for 30-seconds at a time.

Crunches - 30 Seconds Sets (x2)

Starting off, I do the normal crunches. The first one in Pamela Reif's 10-minute AB Workout Video. I pace myself because I am not one for sit-ups, let alone crunches. The workout actually makes me shake, which I hate, but hey what can you do? My solution is to only go up as far as my body will let me. So, work with what your body can do, then build-up to the harder stuff.

Crunches with Leg Lifts - 30 Seconds Sets (x2)

To cap-off my routine, I add one more movement to the exercise. This one makes my legs hurt so bad, but it is so simple to do at the same time. Again, I will stress this, pace yourself.

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