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5 YouTube Channels For College Students

I don’t know about you but I love watching Youtube videos. Especially when I find a Youtuber that I really love. Their videos have to be funny, something to do with music, kind, and all-around something that makes me smile. Most likely, these videos can make my day a whole lot better. A big shoutout to my favorite channels and their creative content! From Vlogs to Original/Cover Music Videos to Carpool Karaoke Jams, these Youtubes know how to keep my attention. Five channels that are my go-to favorites and ones I am a subscriber.

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I love this channel and the Youtubers behind it! I found their videos at the end of last year and now it would be weird if I didn’t watch their creative content! Their channel contains cover songs from Charlie Puth to Camila Cabello! But, those aren’t even the best music videos of theirs. Tyler and Ryan also write original music and create music videos with the help of their friends. Every video is so creatively done, too. Every song has its own spin and the music videos hold true to that concept.

My favorite original official music video out of all of them is “No Closure.” The video is simple yet so interesting, especially with the special effects. Their ability to create such a creative backdrop to an incredible song is amazingly done every time. This is only a taste of what is on their channel. I bet you’ll love it, click above to head on over to their channel’s homepage. I am sure you will instantly fall in love with them like I did back at the end of November.

Sharon has a boatload of incredible and hilarious content on her channel! It is hard to pick just one video. My favorite part of hers though is her personality and love she has for her subscribers (SharBearFam). She is genuinely funny and can easily turn my day around. Also, she lets her social media followers help pick her videos, which is so much fun seeing what ideas she has lined up. I’ll tell you how I started watching her channel, it all began in early October. She uploaded a video which started a new monthly series on Sundays called Spooky Sundays! I had actually found it about a week after it was published. I was instantly intrigued by the title!

I was ready for it, but Sharon’s facial expressions make the video even better! Even though the story was confusing, Sharon, herself, made this video hilarious with just her commentary throughout reading the text conversation. Click above to go to her channel’s homepage for more interesting and hilarious videos.

I kind of stumbled upon Tanner’s channel towards the end of last year, probably November. He is a Vlogger along with his friends and his girlfriend, Taylor, who also has her own channel (tayloralesia). His videos are very energetic and hilarious! Basically, Vlogging is an adventure all on its own because the viewers get to experience the Vloggers day with them. He also loves to do funny videos whether it is playing games or doing dares. But, the one I laughed the hardest at was the one where he acted like his girlfriend on Tinder, I like the second video of this!

I don’t know why I laughed so hard, it was just so funny! About 4 and a half minutes in is when the Tinder part starts. The best part about Take 2 was that Taylor was with him for this one, which made the video even better. They are both incredibly funny! Click above to check out more of Tanner’s videos on his channel’s homepage.

Taylor’s is a lot like Tanner’s but still, she has her own way of Vlogging and sharing her day with the world. Other than Vlogging, she does Story Times and Game videos. On top of all of that, she has original music streaming on Youtube! Actually one of my favorite videos is when she and Tanner are in a prank war and she does a Text Lyric Prank on him.

She will have you laughing until you are almost in tears because her reaction, alone, is so funny to watch and listen to during this Text Lyric Prank. Trust me you’ll be sticking around for more videos after watching this one! Click above to see what all Taylor has been posting on her channel’s homepage.

Kurt’s channel has been one of my favorites for awhile, I love the cover songs he does with his friends. They are all so creative which makes it almost impossible to choose a favorite video. Cover songs rank from Taylor Swift to Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. I love their spin on each song because I never know what to expect. I think my favorite has to be when they covered “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.

It plays on the story of a breakup, so it is only right for an ex to keep popping up around every corner. The video is so well done and funny because technically the viewer is just following this girl around a building as she sings about her ex. But, then it gets interesting as the ex-guy pops up unexpectedly in an elevator or in the hallway as she is trying to escape him. This is the layout for some other videos, but I like how this one is only the two singers and Kurt. Click above to check out more of Kurt’s video on his channel’s homepage.

Thank you to my favorite Youtubers for making me smile and laugh whether it is in the middle of the evening or the wee hours of the morning. Also, thanks for sharing your voices and time with the world!

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