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A Letter to My Great-Grandchild

(2/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Pick a small object to be given one day to your great-grandchild. Write a letter to that child explaining why you have chosen this object. 

Dear Great-Grandchild,

I am writing this to you before the thought of you is even conceived, but one day, my dear, it will be. I have hopes for my family to keep growing, so maybe I have thought of who you will be. The son or daughter of my grandchild – wow that seems like forever away, but I already know you will be loved by those in heaven and on earth, alike. Without a shadow of a doubt, I know that whenever you arrive, so many people will love you and cherish you. Even if I am not around to meet you, know this: I loved you before the family line grew three more generations.  Because of that love, I want you to have something that is special to me, and you may not understand why, but I hope you feel the love behind this precious object I have had since I was a little girl.

I will be honest with you, little one, I was never big on jewelry, but I loved the thought that came with someone picking a special necklace out for me. When I was a little girl, my mom gave me a heart-shaped locket to remind me to always keep love in my heart. You are probably thinking that I wore it every day because it was a gift from my mom. But I didn’t. Even my mom knew I wouldn’t. Yet, it was always close by. I kept the locket hung by my dresser mirror. Every day and night I would see the silver locket catch a bit of light, like magic and I would remember how special that little necklace was to me. Yes, I did wear it every so often, but I loved having it displayed in my room where I could see it. Because every time I would see it after a long day, I would remember that I must keep love in everything and push hate aside.

I hope this necklace will bring light and love to your life like it did mine. Cherish this little piece of jewelry, it has been around a while. I will always watch over you, whether as an old woman or from above in heaven.

With love my sweet great-grand,


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