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Best Friend Poetry 2018: Stone + Emily

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Christmas 2017, I wrote poems for my best friend about our first year of friendship which by the way was awesome and he loved it! Sharing poetry among friends is so important and it is one of my favorite ways to show how much that person means to me. In 2018, I kept up that trend. The week we were supposed to hangout to celebrate my upcoming December graduation, I wrote my first of many poems about our second year of friendship which was full of adventures, laughter, tears, jam out sessions, driving, food, movies, sweets, and heartbreak – but through its many highs and lows we stayed on top. I thank God every day for giving me such an amazing best friend!

Stone Parker, you are my best friend – “Who Needs A Prince When I Have You” – here’s 3 poems from your flipbook.


August 20, 2018


Best friends – A rare connection Between two souls. Two hearts. A bond that is unbreakable. Even by fights and harsh words. Once hearts are connected. Though their minds are mad Their hearts will always love each other. For nothing can keep them apart. They’ll love each other forever. Even if they are apart.


screenshot (60)

“I Pick You”

Charlie Puth jam sessions – With me at the wheel… Laughing about my driving, Smiling about the new semester. Loving having you near – Oh where would I be without you here? Probably in a hole so deep… Inside myself. But you keep my head above the dirt. Letting me grow – Like the flower I am. Letting me shine – Like the gem I am becoming. You stand by my side – Through everything. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. If I could go back – I’d still pick you.

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