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Coincidence or Second Chance?

(10/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Put two people who hate each other in an elevator for 12 hours. What happens?

“No, No! Open!” CeCe presses the elevator door button over and over with rage.

“It isn’t going to open, we’re stuck.” Jack rolls his eyes at her.

“No, we aren’t. We can’t be!”

“Yet, we are. It isn’t moving, CeCe. Just push the emergency button and call for help.”

“Fine, I will.” She pushes the emergency button. “We need help. The elevator is stuck between floors 2 and 3.” CeCe and Jack somehow both ended up at the same Holiday Inn Express over the July 4th weekend. CeCe turns to Jack, “I can’t be stuck in here with you!”

“CeCe, we’ve been over for a year, I’m sure we can stand each other until they get us out of here.” He smirks, testing her. Getting under her skin.

“Stand each other? Wow, that’s rich, Jack! We broke up and stopped speaking for a reason!”

“And what reason is that? Uh? Did I make you that miserable?” His Adam’s Apple moves up and down and his forehead creases.

“Yes, you did! That’s the reason. We butted heads too much. I never felt like I could voice my opinion to you!” CeCe clasp and unclasp her hands.

“I tried to listen to you. You’re the one that decided to stop talking to me and clear your head. You’re the one that came back with, let’s break up.”

“And you agreed. You didn’t try to persuade me! You didn’t try to change my mind!” A tear rolls down her cheek and she wipes it away.

“CeCe, once your mind is made up, there’s no changing it. I wouldn’t have had a chance.”

“You could have at least tried, Jack!”

“What would have changed?”

“We could have worked through our problems; we could have stayed together. Something. Anything better than this.”

“Better than not speaking, and then running into each other and not being able to be normal people, yeah that would be great. But, that isn’t how it played out!”

“Did you even love me?”

“Yes, of course! I wanted to stay with you. But I wasn’t about to force you.” He shrugs. Without thinking, CeCe crosses the elevator to Jack, instead of speaking. She is standing inches from Jack, staring at him. “Well hello to you, too.” He nervously says.

“Hi.” She squeaks out. After a few silence beats, she builds up her courage and grabs Jack’s face. She presses her lips to his and suddenly she feels him kiss her back. His hands pull her waist closer to him.

“I think they’re fine, guys.” The workers laugh as CeCe and Jack break apart, looking embarrassed.

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