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Computer Repair Struggle

Oh, college how your test my patiences and stress levels. This weekend and the start of this week has been crazy on my nerves. Friday afternoon my laptop basically had a screen up telling me my laptop needed to be repaired.

Luckily, my dad found someone close by and that could fix the problem. Well, it turns out the damage was bigger than we expected plus my files couldn’t be found. I was freaking out. Having two assignments due next week and my work gone was not easy to process.

A miracle occured and my professor helped me work through my essay outline so I could get it started again. After the meeting, I went to the library and located my research to put on my flashdrive (very important, back up files!). Then, I got a lot filled in, thankfully!

My professor and I worked through my outline (I had emailed when I wrote it) and added to it!

My professor calmed my nerves, and assured me I could meet next Tuesday Night’s deadline. Cheers for amazing professors at UNA.

Back to my crisis and lesson learned the hard way! If your school or personal laptop has One Drive – save your files there! I have most saved but not recent ones. So, you could say I panicked. But, it is all good, files from One Drive are saved and I restored at least one that wasn’t on there.

My point: back up your documents to One Drive, a flashdrive, or email them to yourself and/or someone else.

That is college for you. It is never easy!

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