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Conquering Writer’s Block

Your happiness matters even in times of struggle. During those dark time, we need to realize that we aren’t alone. As a writer, sometimes I do feel trapped in my own head as my thoughts bang around my skull like a pinball game. But, there has to be some way to get your thoughts from your brain to the page in front of you. It may not be easy, but you’ll most likely be proud of the result.

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that I started writing a poem almost everyday. Though I miss days here and there or an entire week, writing poetry helps me get my thoughts on the page or in a memo on my phone.

Writing has never been a piece of cake, but sometimes the words just string together like they are a family of ducks. Life is funny that way and it results in beautiful poems that make even the writer sit back and stare at the page, wondering how they had those thoughts in their brain.

Here’s another poem I wrote out of intense writer’s block on all my homework.

“Remember You”

Your past doesn’t concern me, My present is your face smiling in the dark, My future I hope is too. Tonight is ours. Tomorrow I hope is too. If you leave tonight I will remember you right. A smile that lights up my darkest days. Sense of humor so bright. My laugh a bit louder Voice a bit lower. Heart a bit mended. If you leave here tonight I’ll still remember you right. No hating your soul Or dragging you through the dirt. If you leave me here tonight, Standing all on my own, I’ll do you right And remember you tonight.

– written a few days ago while breaking from homework that continued to pile up.

Turn your stress and writer’s block into poetry, you may even surprise yourself.

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