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Dealing With Reboots

What do I mean by “dealing with reboots?” Computer reboots to be specific. They are the absolute worse, check out my previous post for all the crazy details.  This week has been a whirlwind of one disaster after another. I am talking about academic struggles, where you lose everything that you need for an upcoming deadline.

Remember that sometimes losing everything can be a “blessing in disguise,” as my Literature professor told me after I freaked out about having to start all over again on my essay.

To a writer, in today’s world, their computer is their most important piece of equipment other than their phone or pencil and paper. Computers store our files and drafts of upcoming bodies of work, and when that is all lost it becomes chaotic in our heads. This can be fixed, from experience I have seen that work in wondrous ways.

First, I had to learn to calm down. I have a problem with this, but it is a key factor that helped me deal with this setback. I had to calm all my freaking out in order to think clearly. Which isn’t easy when your whole mind is saying, “Oh my goodness,” over and over as you stare into space.

After I finally remained calm for more than a few minutes, I started my rebuild of the assignment I needed immediately: my outline for my second literature essay. With the help of my professor, the progress was so much easier. I encourage you to always email or go to your professors’ office hours because they want to help us exceed. I don’t regret asking for help when I was freaking out to the point I thought I couldn’t make the deadline (which was a week from my freaking out day).

Lastly, I discovered that I can work extremely well under pressure (sometimes). In this case, I found my research immediately through my few notes in my notebook and I got to work on my improved outline. I learned that it just takes a little courage and endures to complete something I thought I couldn’t do.

I am writing this after completing the writing step of my essay (a little over 5 pages). I am thrilled to say that I worked through my stress and you can too. Like my professor said, “Trust yourself, Emily! I helped you with the skeletal framework for Essay 1 but you wrote that essay. And you did wonderfully! Trust your ability. I do.” I am very thankful for how much my professor believes in me.

Shout out to the incredible professors I have had thus far in my college career, especially the UNA English Department. Y’all have made me a better student, learner, and writer.

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