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Don't Suffocate Yourself

My dear, don't suffocate yourself / it is dangerous

hiding / shielding your strength / giving in to this world's view

of who you should be / the woman you should become / beauty

you should be seeking / goals you should be meeting / life

isn't about that / no / life is more than style / charm.

What is life / but a vapor / a breath of air

in your lungs / in / out / release the anger, my dear / breathe

cool clean air / don't pollute your intake for some image / the world

believes you should be / this and that / charming and made up / be real

unique to you / not the world.

Pollution is evil words / strung together in a loop / a tape

that never ends / a hate motto with only one goal / beauty

is buried / hatred overtakes your heart / my dear

why do you let them win?

Winning is for attention-seeker / money-grabbers / my dear

are you one of those / royally spoiled princesses / hate

in your heart / money in your pocket / burning

holes every day?

Are you kind / endearing / wholesome

acts in your daily heart-to-hearts / looking

for love in even the smallest places / hidden doors

locked tight in the castle / needing a key

that was lost long ago?

Did you suffocate your inner beauty / to find / outward

beauty in worldly dreams that hide your wholesome heart / dreams

hiding in the depths of your heart / ready to be heard / be seen

by more than just your eyes / dream, my dear / your strength

is waiting to be known.

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I like your poem very much.

Gefällt mir
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