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Finding Your Smile

I am here to make your day a little easier and put a smile on your face. We all lose a little happiness while making our way through college, but it is totally normal. College is stressful and scary because we are planning out our future careers starting at 18 when we are still learning who we are as a person. It can be hard to find your smile in all the craziness. Have no fear, there are ways to find your smile through your tears and screaming. I promise. I know the people around you are rooting for you to be happy!

Beauty is great and all, but without a smile it means nothing. Smiling helps you be positive when your confidence is lacking and you need that extra boost. Yet, we as college students always find ourselves in a puddle of tears. Why? Because everything is hard. Everything is a struggle. Then, there’s the fact that we are trying to find out who we are as a person, too. Where do the struggles end? It ends when you find that “something” that puts a smile on your face even when all you want to do is cry for two days straight.

Down below I have a GIF of me reacting to my favorite artist’s new song! Charlie Puth makes me smile. When I am down or having a bad day, his social media posts or his songs always cheer me up. We all have a favorite person that we look up to and mine is him. October 2nd was blue shirt day (Make Bullying History), and he is involved in this campaign because of the bullying that happened to him when he was younger. I relate to that so much because I was teased growing up, so seeing someone stand up for this stigma is a great reason to smile.


Don’t be afraid to smile!

Here are 5 ways to find your smile when it decides to hide:

  1. Listen to your favorite artist on repeat – make that Playlist and jam out!

  2. Write about it – I took a poetry workshop and released all my feelings into small poems and it really does help!

  3. Spend some time with your family and friends – I bet your homework is getting more attention than them. (Or is that just my current life?)

  4. Do something you absolutely love – watch movies and eat ice cream.

  5. Treat yourself to something new – this week I finally tried Starbucks (gasp)!

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