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First Love

First Love Letter Series post: Write out your love story – blog style. Hello, readers, I recently read a website post about 42 Love Letter Prompts – Marriage Laboratory and decided to challenge myself with 5 of 42 topics for a blog post series. The first one is about mine and David’s love story. I don’t want to tell you about our entire love story because we are growing and learning every day, but I want to share one of my favorite memories about our love story with you today.



As she gazed into his eyes on that cold October night, she knew that she was in love. That sparkle in his eyes made her heart skip a beat and her throat dry as she tried to muster the courage to speak. Yet, no words came out, just a cool breath. They just stood there, stone still, not knowing what would happen next. For some reason, she enjoyed this because she loved mystery novels. The ones that seemed to have a twist every other page and brainteasers. At that moment, she felt like a character in her latest mystery novel, which she had been reading moments before this charming guy came to pick her up for this lovely evening.

She searched his face for a long moment, to see if he felt the same way she did. After searching for more than she intended to, she came up empty and doubting if they were on the same page. It felt like they were frozen in time, so she could study the expression on her boyfriend’s face a little more closely. She wanted to be sure he felt the same way before just throwing those three little words out that could change their relationship. Time stood still for only a moment longer, she was about to just come right out and say those three little words. Then, her boyfriend took her in his arms, gently dipped her. When she was brought back up, where they were face to face again, he said with a tender heart, “Lucy, I love you.”

A big smile spread across Lucy’s beautiful face, and she responds ever so gracefully,” I love you, too, David.”

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