Healthy Stress Relievers

What are some healthy ways to relieve or cope with stress? Have you ever searched for ways to carefully manage your stress-filled days? The ones that tear into your every being and make the light unbearable. The days where a rock is a more fitting house than your own. Moments where you feel absolutely worthless and alone. Ouch! Too close to home? I bet. Those are the times where the walls start closing in and nothing seems to get better. Here's the catch...things can get better with healthy coping methods and genuinely taking care of your mind and body.

After witnessing unhealthy stress-coping methods, I knew I had to share my thoughts and maybe help someone along the way.

Before I tell you healthy ways, let's talk about what not to do when you are heavily stressed.


Deadly. Abusive. Unhealthy.

Do you turn to alcohol when days get rough? Do you heavily drink to drown out your intrusive thoughts about stress and life? Is the bottle or can more appealing than a movie or talking to a friend? Are you seeking beer over water? Are you addicted to coping this way?

If you answered yes, then I need you to listen closely.

Too much alcohol consumption can kill you or severely damage your mind and body.

"Long-term alcohol use can put one at a greater risk for certain conditions, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, and even cancer."

"Death. Their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.45 may result in death due to alcohol poisoning or a failure of the brain to control all of the body’s vital physical functions."

Have you considered the long-term consequences caused by drinking alcohol every single day? Have you ever thought about it? I have and I don't like the results. Being an alcoholic isn't okay nor is it safe for you or those around you. You are putting people in harm's way by toying with your emotions and head the way you do by constantly drinking.

If you let alcohol "fix" your problems, you will end up with more problems and fall into unhealthy ways of dealing with your stress. Overconsumption of alcohol can't "fix" your problems, it can only ease it for a little while. That's why people constantly drink, so they can continually combat stress, but that isn't how it works. Alcohol isn't the answer, it is the enemy. Fight the enemy.

Ignoring your needs

At one point in time, we all ignore our own needs to deal with other things, but we need to stop that and take care of ourselves first. Don't neglect your needs while coping, they need attention more than ever.

Ask yourself the tough questions. Am I actually okay or just faking it? Have I thought about myself today?

Then the small everyday ones. Have I ate, showered, and rested today?

If you answered no. Take a hard look at how you are coping. Are you turning to bad habits to heal temporary pains or are you turning to good habits to cure stress?

Get in the habit of checking in on you.

Yelling and blaming others / Investing in drama

When you start blaming others for your stress, you start the spiral of losing control. Your problems become everyone else's but your own. You take no responsibility for the mess you clearly made for yourself and the ones around you. Then begins the cycle of causing unnecessary drama for attention and wanting people to feel sorry for you instead of healthily dealing with your stress. That is when word vomit happens - you start to say whatever comes to mind to try and clear your mess or make people side with you. It won't work.

That is when you slowly lean towards becoming a narcissist.

No matter what is going on, you blame your problems on others. You can do no wrong in your own eyes. No one can tell you otherwise.

Overworking your mind and body

Remember to take breaks. Rest your mind and body. Take a breather. Take a nap. Do not constantly work to the point of a breakdown. It isn't good for you.

Take care of yourself and rest.

Don't continue the things that stress you out. Find ways to manage why it stresses you out so you can get it done and move along. Don't stay in the mess, fix it and shift your focus.

Hating yourself

Self-loathing is synonymous with self-hatred: it’s an extreme dislike of oneself. It’s fuelled by anger, low self-esteem, and a distorted perception of oneself due to misguided thoughts and self-beliefs. In most cases, self-loathing is the result of having a dysfunctional upbringing.

Change the narrative. Change the vocabulary in your space.

Use kinder words about yourself. Say I love you to yourself. You deserve to love yourself. You deserve nicer things in your head. Believe that, be that change.

What are healthy stress relievers?

Bubble Baths / A good book