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I Wanted to Drop Out 

The stress became too much on the afternoon of September 11th. I couldn’t conceal the pain anymore. I couldn’t hide how miserable college had become for me. By looking at me, you would think: “She’s got it all together. Always prepared. Probably striving.” In reality, I am struggling just to make it through all the classwork and homework that is piling up.

There is a tweet that says: “College is cool. Because if you relax for 5 seconds then all of a sudden you are failing 11 classes even though you are only talking 5.” That is the most accurate tweet I have ever read about college classes.

Even though, 4 out of 5 of my classes are going well, the one that doesn’t continues to drag me down. It affects my mood, confidence, and stress level. Basically, I am putting all of me into this class and it is draining me. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way. There are many different ways to boost your mood, confidence, and decrease your stress level. The story, in the beginning, is the reason I wanted to share these coping mechanisms with you so maybe in the process, we all can feel better about our classwork and homework.

Over the course of my blog I am going to share things that will make you smile, poems that tell it like it is, music playlists that you can jam to or relax to, and advice for all those bad days that never seem to end.

Some of the ways to ease the stress, to boost your confidence, and to boost your mood: Blast your favorite music and have a mini dance party, write all your feelings down, call a family member or friend and say the stress out loud to them, or maybe just take a breather from what is causing the intense stress. While you are studying make up your own test and see how much you know, write anything that makes you happy, or do something that takes your mind off the thing that kills your confidence. Going back to your favorite songs – sing them at the top of your lungs or go for a drive while blasting them.

Your confidence, mood, and stress level all connects and works to make you the person you are, so why not boost it?

Sometimes the things that are dragging you down can lift you up in other forms. I am not good at film photography and it drags me down, but I love taking pictures with my phone which makes me feel so much better.

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