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Lust: A Dangerous Game

(3/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Write a story using four L words: lipstick, lust, loss, and locked.

A Short Story

Maddy Stickmen never went anywhere without her bright red lipstick. Standing high in her red pumps, she has confidence beyond anyone I ever knew. Men would lust after her, wishing to please her if only for a night. Her looks alone could win them over, but she wasn’t just beautiful. She knew how to lead a man on with her charm, wits, and brilliant taste in discussion.

She also knew how to lose these men. One day she would be hanging off the arm of a handsome businessman, and then the next, she would be having dinner with a television host. She would flirt with them and then move on to the next prize. But there is a catch; these men never show up again after she is seen with a different handsome, successful man. People begin to question what could have happened.

All the disappearances lead back to Maddy, the woman with bright red lipstick and pumps to match. Some say she cut her loss by kicking them to the curb, others say she locked them up in her basement.

Catch my next post to find out what the woman in red is thinking: Lipstick, Pumps, and A Secret.

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