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(9/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Your favorite moment in film.

My favorite pass time is watching movies with anyone who will sit through two or more hours laughing or crying with me. Yes, I will even have movie marathons by myself. I love watching movie after movie, letting my brain relax from thinking about life problems or even writing. I love immersing myself into another world for a few hours. Wondering where the characters will go next or how they will handle the upcoming storylines.

I love how a lot can happen in a span of a few hours, and whole life stories can be shared on screen. Those stories are still told with care and make a difference in peoples’ lives. They are also not rushed at all but played out in good time. The timelines of these movies move fast but not too fast. Do you know what I mean? They don’t rush the viewers to understand, but still, we all get what is going on.

“One Night, One Kiss”

A twirl of a dress an outstretched hand she’s waiting for him to catch her. she’s showing off to her crush, but he doesn’t know.

He holds a secret crush for her as well. they flirt and laugh together. he’s the guy that gets her like no other guy does. Makes her double over laughing with little effort and comforts her with ease. He’s her prince.

She’s waiting for him to give her a sign but she’s struggling to hold it in. She stops spinning and he catches her.

When they are face to face she puts it all on the line. one kiss to seal the deal.

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