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New Year’s Resolutions 

New Year’s Resolutions are great…when you are just listing them out. Then, January 1st hits and you dive in head first with all your new plans and goals. Your brain is on overload and you are overwhelmed with all your sudden needs and wants. But, you need to remember to breathe. In, out, in, out. Take that deep breathe…trust me you’ll thank me later. I’ll thank me later.

College is in a league all its own when it comes to making New Year’s Resolutions. Especially, if the new year brings your final semesters as a college student and this time next year you’ll be a college alumni. Yeah, I am there. This new year, I enter has a second semester senior and next new year I enter as a college graduate stepping into the real world. Crunch time is now!

So, my list entails big plans and goals that I am passionate about and ones I am already working towards right now. Yet, they still fall up a category titled, Simple. Because they are mine. They are true to me. But, they aren’t huge crazy plans and goals. Instead, their simple and medium.

Here’s my list:

  1. Finish writing my novel.

  2. Finish my last year of college strong.

  3. Love every moment.

  4. Don’t let stress overtake my life.

  5. Go to the gym.

  6. Keep building my music playlist.

  7. Read for fun.

  8. Keep working on my writing.

  9. Word hard in my internship.

  10. Get a yes back on a paying writing job by November/early December.

  11. Pray more.

  12. Read my Bible more.

  13. Come home more to see family, go to church, and hangout with friends.

  14. Be myself.

What’s yours?

Let’s welcome 2018 with open arms even if we are scared of what is to come. A lot of changes are coming in mine, but they are amazing ones.

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