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Social Media as an Author

While on my weekly Book Creators Zoom Call, I shared that I kept my one Instagram account when I became an author. Unlike other authors, I post my writing material alongside my personal updates. Why didn't I follow the trend? For many reasons. No, not because I didn't want to have to gain followers again or reshare my posts to my new handle.

I want to tell you why this route works for me. It is different for everyone just like every author's journey is different. We all strive in our own ways. That's okay!

I have an Author Facebook Page so why not an Instagram?

My answer is very simple. Although I have hundreds of friends and family on my personal Facebook, I didn't want all of my writing stuff on there.

I post frequently or try to, about my poetry and books, so I dedicated a page to just those posts. I will share my writing posts every so often on my personal, as well. That is the easiest for me when it comes to Facebook. That way I'm not spamming my personal account all the time. Instagram is a whole different story.

I started posting book updates before having separate accounts was a trend.

Before I was a blogger, poet, and author - I was just a writer. I wrote for Odyssey Online during my Sophomore and Junior year at the University of North Alabama.

I am Odyssey Online Old!

My writing was already on my Instagram plus this was before I knew other authors and that they separated their writing career from their personal lives. I was a newbie with no knowledge of what the social media world would bring in the years to come. But looking back at my posts, I am really glad I stuck with my personal account only.

By doing this I am allowing my readers to see both sides of me: author and real human. I am pulling back the curtain daily.

My writing comes from my personal experiences therefore it fits into my posts easily.

Welcome to my beautiful, messy chaos!

Family and Friends are already there. Less complicated for me to keep track of.

My twin sister created my Instagram during the Summer of 2012, while we were on vacation. I'm not lying. She is even the one who created my handle. When I became an author, I just tacted on the author part at the end.

My Instagram is a place where my family, friends, and authors/artists come together to share our lives. I love it.


Social Media isn't always the easiest to navigate, but it is worth it. I love sharing updates throughout the week whether that be writing or my personal life.

Having one Instagram is easiest for me because I can post frequently and not feel bad, I can see where I came from, and my support system has been with me for years.

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