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Summer is Fleeting, Fall is Calling

I took the summer off from blog writing, but I’m back and ready to see what the fall 2018 semester holds. At the beginning of this year, I posted that this was indeed my final year in college, that still holds true and is official. I will be starting my last semester in college this month, I am nervous and excited. As much as I am ready for my writing career to start, I am also nervous about not being in college anymore. Since 2014, I couldn’t wait to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in English, but now that I will be in the coming months, I’m realizing how unprepared I feel. Who is ever really prepared for their future, the unknown? I don’t think anyone ever is. I believe we are all just doing our best with what we are given and the knowledge we have obtained by living one day at a time.

But, this post isn’t about broadcasting my fears about graduating or conquering one final semester. I want to share some advice for up and coming freshmen because I’ve been there and sometimes I still feel like I’m that little freshman entering a college classroom for the first time. As I enter my third semester as a senior, I feel grateful for all the support and advice I’ve had over the last 4 almost 4 and half years while attending The University of North Alabama.

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you might have already read these pieces of advice, but even if you have, I hope you stick around for the rest of the post. I’ve learned a lot while being a college student, some tough lessons, some meaningful advice, and cherished moments – college isn’t about the new friends you’ll make (but they are the extra bonus) or parties/drinking. These 4 or more years are about molding and shaping you into the person you want to be in your future career and the lessons, moments, and memories that come with that along the way.

I think to add a special writer’s touch to this advice, I want to craft a poem that will hopefully help someone out there. No matter where you are on your college journey, you can do anything you set your mind to!

“Rise to the Challenge”

All through high school, we’ve heard the tales about college and the tough material. Is it really that hard? Or are they scaring us to make us study harder? Probably both, but take it from a college senior – not all college classes are scary, some are pretty chill. You will go through many changes during your journey, some hard, stress binding changes – all are worth the extra struggle.

Days can become overwhelming, Nights stressful, You will long for those high school days. But don’t forget where you’re going. You started a new chapter – a new place, new teachers, new outlooks, rise to the challenge!

Rise above the struggles, Rise above the stress, Conquer those times with courage.

You’re most successful times, come from those days where you want to throw in the towel – don’t! Keep moving forward, Keep at it! Trust me, Earning your success feels better than half doing the job.

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