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To The Girl I Was

rough around the edges / cracked

in places, no one knew about / cracking

every day from sun up to sun down / hush-hush

keep a lip on it / her mind said.

no one cares / no one needs to know

you're broken beyond repair / damaged goods

ready for the trash / a lost cause.

did you really believe all of that mess?

such nonsense from inner doubt / self-sabotage

looking to destroy anything and everything beautiful / your mind

is a place they want to possess / claim

you as property / own your body and mind / another paycheck

nothing more / nothing less.

that's not going to happen / fight back

win this battle / take down the enemy / take

hold of your mind, thoughts, and body / yours

and yours alone / control what you can / leave

behind what you can't / hold tight to your precious

beautiful mind.


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