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Traveled The World In One Day

My initial reason for wanting to celebrate my college graduation in Disney World, besides the amazing rides and shows, I wanted to walk around Epcot's World Showcase specifically Paris. My family and I did just that, on more than one occasion, but only walked all the countries once (we revisited the United Kingdom and Paris for food and souvenirs). You could say, I really enjoyed this trip to Disney World because I got to experience a slice of Paris, France in a small piece of the World Showcase semi-circle in Epcot.

My family has been vacationing to Disney since my sister and I was eight years old. I barely remember that trip, but I do recall walking through each country and participating in kids' crafts, where they stamped our sticks with a mask on it for each country. I also remember eating Japanese food at a restaurant in Japan. I have memories here and there about that trip, but that was one of the only times we ventured through the entire showcase, and I don't remember even seeing parts of it with the trips that followed our first. I was definitely looking forward to seeing it this time, especially seeing Paris without a passport (next time I want the real deal, but Disney does a wonderful job of capturing each country).

Come on a trip with me around the world in one day! On a rainy winter's day in Orlando, Florida, four people took a Disney transportation bus to Epcot's World Showcase and traveled through Canada all the way to Mexico while eating food from almost every country.

Canada > United Kingdom > Paris > Morocco > Japan > The American Adventure > Italy > Germany > China > Norway > Mexico

When taking a trip around the world, you must first pick which way to go. Left or Right? Mexico or Canada? That decision was easy for me because if we went to Canada first, we would be arriving in Paris shortly after. On that rainy February day, we took to Canada and headed around the semi-circle of amazing countries in Epcot’s World Showcase.

Let’s hit my trip’s highlights with my favorite countries: United Kingdom, Paris, Japan, and Mexico.

United Kingdom

Sandwiched between Canada and Paris, the UK is home to London and Ireland. Places I have only seen in movies and dreams of venturing to one day. Though they may be sharing a piece of the showcase and only have tiny pieces of each country, they bring so much life to the showcase.

The rain couldn’t keep us from sharing some fish and chips at the outdoor Ireland venue. The first time having fish and chips was a success in my book, especially with the view of the Eiffel Tower across the way. If you are planning a trip to Disney make sure to try the food in the UK.

I have probably dreamed of going to London since I became a huge fan of Peter Pan and TinkerBell when I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember, Tink has been my favorite Disney Character and London’s picturesque scene in my mind from watching Peter Pan a zillion times. When I saw the Never Grow Up shirt hanging in London’s gift shop, I knew I just had to have it. A Disney girl’s dreams really do come true when you believe in faith, trust, and pixie dust – and of course, London.

Paris, France

While visiting the UK, I could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance and I couldn’t wait to get a closer look. Our first stop was the bridge that leads into Paris, which also is a great Disney Magic Photo Spot – Yes, my sister and I took advantage of this.

A beautiful backdrop isn’t all we took advantage of that day; the delicious food and drinks awaited us when we ventured across the bridge. France really knows how to fill their tourists’ stomachs with yummy cheese-filled snacks and fruity alcoholic beverages. If you are just snacking your way around the world, like my family was, this is the place to stop.

We just couldn’t get enough, so we came back for dinner. Chefs De France, Paris’ upscale dinning, didn’t disappoint with their delicious food and tasty drinks. I highly recommend trying out this dining experience, I feel like they took us to Paris in one dinner. A great sit-down place with fast service and kind waiters and waitresses. Definitely the place to be while visiting Paris at night.


Two counties later, we walked into the beautiful Japan where sushi was their highlighted snack option. There is nothing better than a sushi roll shaped like a donuts.


We rounded out our adventure with a stop in Mexico. Authentic food and drinks is their game. Spicy tacos and strong alcoholic beverages can be found at their snack area. If you were looking for something normal, well you aren’t going to find it here. Being a Margarita fan won’t help you here either because I love them, but their margs are strong. Mexico is a county of careful tasting.

Epcot’s World Showcase is full of incredible treats, picturesque views, and unique souvenirs that create everlasting memories. The world is huge, but I am so glad Disney shrinks it for a tourist’s dream trip as they explore the countries that surround the lagoon.

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