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Two Weeks Down

I have successfully finished two full weeks of my last semester…how is that possible? I guess time flies when assignments are flying around and things are getting done. Who knew only three class could contain so much work, not me! I thought I would have a little less work than having four classes and deadlines every week…I was wrong. Three classes feels like four with the amount of assignments I have going on at once. But alas, I am staying on top of all the course load. How? Not really sure. I don’t like to leave work sitting for too long, if I know I have something to do, that thought stays in the back of my mind until I at least start it. Because at heart, I’m a procrastinator – aren’t we all?

This is my first attempt at digital photography and color editing, I learned to be patient with learning my camera.

Here’s a few things I have learned over the last two weeks:

1) Pace yourself – You don’t have to get an assignment done in a couple of hours or even in a night. Take it a little at a time. Because finishing an assignment fast isn’t the best route to take, especially in college!

2) Remember to sleep – Your engery during the day is important. So get some rest, put away the phone with tempting social media and go to sleep. Your accounts will still be there in the morning.

3) Believe in yourself – This one is a hard one. We all struggle with having faith in ourselves and there is nothing wrong with that. But remember, you are incredible and deserve to remember you are! You’ve got this!

4) Be patience with your mind – Sometimes we tend to get frustrated with the rate we are thinking and doing certain task, be patience with yourself. Take a deep breath and slow down a bit. You will eventually figure out the answer, the plot hole in your writing, or any other idea for a photograph – those things will come, be patience with your thought process.

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