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When I Think Of You

(6/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Describe your favorite part of a man’s body using only verbs.

I’ll admit this prompt didn’t come easily to me and I started doing a little research on how other writers describe eyes. Honestly, how do you describe someone’s eyes using only verbs? Those aren’t my strong suit, I am better with adjectives. But, I am challenging myself with these writing prompts for this blog series, that I wouldn’t normally attempt otherwise.

Finally after searching Google for fifteen minutes, I stumbled upon a site called ‘Words to Use,’ where I can choose to look at a list of verbs for eyes: gaze, glance, raked, searched, watched, scanned, affix, flutter, notice, marvel, express, witness, scowl, twinkle, survey, recognize, seek.


His eyes twinkle and sparkle as they gaze into the distance or when he catches me peeking at him. He says, “Why are you watching me?”

I say, “I was just marveling at the beautiful man that is the love of my life,” I shrug.

He recognizes the matching sparkle in my eyes as he scans my face for how I feel about him checking me out. I love it, but I don’t tell him that.

Instead, I let my eyes express my love for him as I stare into his for so long that my eyes blink like crazy.

His eyes tell me that he is fluttering with love for me, and that’s all the assure I need.

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