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Writer Monologue

(8/12) Creativity Blog Series: Write the interior monologue you experience when you sit down to write

As I look at this writing prompt, I smile because my thoughts are always racing when I sit down to write. Yet, writing it down is always so hard because I can think it but putting it into sentences and paragraphs is difficult. I think every writer goes through this, so I want to share that with my readers. Instead of a story, I want to create a poem that mirrors my writer’s mind.

“What’s in a Sentence?”

What’s a sentence, the voice says to me.

It’s nothing but a string of words, I think.

Oh, but it is so much more.

How much more?

It tells a writer’s thoughts and emotions,

shares them with the world.

It shares the inner deepest feelings in one single form for others to read.

So, you are telling me –

my thoughts in my mind

can express what I feel to others.

Yes, that is what I am telling you, dear.

I can help people with my words.

Yes, my dear.

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