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Writer’s Block Blues

(1/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: What does writer’s block feel like?


Hello, readers, it has been a while since I have posted. My apologies! Sometimes life gets busy and other times writer’s block hits like a ton of bricks or the possibility and rare occasion of it being both of those. That is just my case – life got busy and I came down with a bad case of writer’s block since my last post. 1950’s Dream Date was the last post in my Love Letters Series, and after I posted it, I wanted to relax. Well, I started relaxing and then I couldn’t think of anything to write about next. I hit a wall with ideas.

When I say a wall, I mean it was a ten-foot-tall and no way around it, so I thought. Finally, this week I got the idea to pull out my writing prompts book, “642 Things to Write About by The San Francisco Writer’s’ Grotto and Pro Bronson.”

blog prompts

Emily Craig’s Copy of the book

The title isn’t lying to you, there are 642 prompts within the pages of this book. I am blown away by each idea because hardly any of them are like the ones before or after it. They are interesting and challenging. That alone gave me the idea to base my next blog series off of a list of prompts from this incredible book. Today, I give you the first post for Creativity Zone Blog Series. As always I hope you enjoy and keep coming back to see what topic I will write about next. When I started this series, I jotted down my favorite prompts from 642 Things to Write About as I flipped through the pages some I find interesting, some I find challenging, but all will make for a great post.


All writers face the troublesome writer’s block during their lifetime, no matter how big or small the task may be, a writer can become stuck at any moment. When this little annoyance hits, well, you better prepare because it tends to stick around awhile. The little guy brings his suitcases as he moves into your brain, while clogging your thinking process. He makes a home in your head as he causes you to feel like no ideas will ever come.

What does writer’s block feel like? One of the most annoying things for a writer is dealing with writer’s block – a foe, not a friend. This little guy makes me feel like my head is empty, yet full at the same time. Because as a writer, my head is always spinning with ideas, but when he comes to town, my ideas get stuck in my brain and never make it to my typing fingers. They will stay stuck up there for days, even weeks, before I can break through the wall he builds in my head.

I tend to get annoyed easily when I can’t think straight or come up with a solid idea. During these weeks of writer’s block, my head feels full but light as I feel useless to my computer. I can’t type any new words because his luggage is blocking the tubes that send me my information. But he can’t be bothered because he doesn’t care that I am losing writing time. He thinks he is giving writers a chance to relax, but technically this is unwanted relaxation time caused by a little guy called writer’s block making a home up in our heads. Instead of us being relaxed while we aren’t writing, we feel panicky, lost, and like we are failing at our writing projects. Plus, this is the time where anyone can feel like they are a failure. During his stay, I feel less positive than ever. I feel like I am failing at my blog because I can’t think of anything new to write. Writer’s block makes me feel empty of words, yet full of panic.

You could say that he is definitely an unwanted guest, and the dreaded kind at that. He isn’t welcome with a “I have missed you so much”or “Finally you are here.”No, he is greeted with “No, not you again.” He is the guest that I would rather leave and never come back. Because whenever he is in town, I know I will be a train wreck while he blocks all my thoughts and keeps them out of reach.

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