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The Wall of Love in Montmartre

Travel Article #4

BY Lucy Berry | PUBLISHED October 1, 2021

The Wall of Love should be considered one of Paris’s hidden gems. Located in the Jehan Rictus Garden, the wall is surrounded by beautiful greenery. The monument has been around for over twenty years and serves as a quick and peaceful tourist attraction in Montmartre year-round. Whether you are just stopping by to take a couple of photos or sitting and enjoying a quiet day in the gardens, this is the perfect place to add to your activity list. Flooded with the words “I love you,” this wall adds peace to anyone’s day.

Te quiero (Spanish), mi amas vin (Esperanto), Hondgo (Hungarian), Sayo cinta ta (Malay), Ke a go rato (Sesotho), Ti voglio bene (Italian, rather for close family and friends, than lovers), Tangiuika (Mongolian), Ndagukunda (Hindi).

Frederic Baron (Calligraphist) and Claire Kito (Mural Artist) created this forty-square-meter wall after asking people from different backgrounds how they wrote: “I love you.” A simple yet powerful phrase turned into a masterpiece that is still beloved to this day. This piece of art embodies the feel of Paris and why it is called The City of Love.

The City of Love or Light?

The popular debate between my best friends and me was if Paris is actually considered both the City of Love and Light. It was a heated debate. Ironically, Paris is attached to both phrases.

It’s no secret to the average person that falling in love is a common story in Paris. There are numerous tales of proposals at the top of the Eiffel Tower and moonlit walks along the quiet city streets. I am a hopeless romantic. Therefore, I know and love the France love stories. That’s not the reason so many consider Paris the City of Love. Love factors into the name, but the phrase stems from the city’s beautiful architecture and skyline. You can’t go five steps without running into a marvelous building, and that’s the real beauty. So many new artists find their niche here. Paris is a city where dreams come true.

Paris is also known as the City of Light. At night, the city comes to life with twinkling lights, including the Eiffel Tower. Besides dazzling views with pretty lights, Paris stands as one of the first cities to install lighting in the streets. Not only were Parisians creating new ideas such as art pieces, but they also helped create the beautiful lights people see around the city.

Whether you consider Paris the City of Light or Love, we can all agree that this city brings magic to every traveler or local that graces its grounds.

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