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To Nanny

** Thank you Aunt Tammy McKin Casteel & Momma - Jennifer Casteel Craig for thinking of me and asking me to write a poem for Nanny to be read at her funeral. Mine and Nanny's relationship was something not many people have with their grandmothers, but I was blessed with the best. I realized today, I lost not only my Nanny but also a best friend and mom. She was more than just my Momma's Mama, she was my world. When I was scared or mad, I ran straight to her house. When I had hot gossip, it was her ear I would talk off. When a boy wronged me, it was her I called crying or ran next door to and we would talk and talk about it. That's why I wanted her to be one of the ones asked for their blessing by my future husband, well I do believe Dustin Hooie had her stamp of approval. Now he is winning over my PawPaw by taking care of me and getting me through all of this. But anyways, I wrote this poem for my Nanny. She loved all my poems and my book(s). I hope she's smiling in Heaven because I sure do miss her. **


"Nanny, Nana, Mama" By: Emily Craig, youngest grandchild

Our safe haven, home base. She's the closest thing to an angel on Earth.

God called her back though we weren't ready to say goodbye Granny and Papa were waiting for their little girl up in heaven.

Please tell me there are holes in the floor of heaven. Please tell me she'll be able to see and hear me. Please tell me I don't have to live without her.

She's many things to many people. A daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother.

She held our hands through life's hardest days. We held her hand in her final moments.

Cherished her final days. Told family stories in the living room. Cried for more time with her, understood it was her time to go.

I'll tell you for sure, Nanny is my best friend and letting her go is letting a part of myself go. Part of me went to heaven that day, My Nanny took her final breath, knowing so many people would pick up where she left off, that we weren't alone and she was safe in God's arms.

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