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Decade Rewind

The decade ends in less than a month...I don't know how to feel about that notion. I also haven't blogged since the beginning of 2019, so here I am dropping in at the end of the latest decade - HI! What a ten years this has been for me - teenager years conquered, high school graduate, fell in love, had my heart broken, college graduate, became a self-published poet, my debut novel will be published in the new decade, started attending a new church, rededicated my life to Christ, and found myself again. Started from the bottom now we are here! I am so thankful for everything I have experienced from 2010 to 2019! 2020, I am ready for you!

2010, 13 or 14 years old :)

2019, 23 years old :)


My 2010's have been filled with many accomplishes and me chasing my dreams - I can't wait to see what I accomplished in the next ten years. But for now, let me take you down memory lane.


How was I a high school senior six years ago? These last six years have flown by and I am so glad I have some amazing memories to look back on. From 2009 - 2013, I was a clarinet in West Limestone Marching Band (as seen in these photos). I didn't always enjoy band, but some of my greatest memories were made in the band room or football field - I am thankful I stuck it out through Christmas of my senior year. If you can survive band, you can survive almost anything!


High School Graduation with my twin sister: Done!


Started blogging. Two years later, I still love it, I try to keep it up. 2019 just got way too busy, but I am back.


Originally published, Pieces of My Heart," my first poetry collection.

Graduated College: English, Professional Writing Bachelor's Degree, Photography Minor.

My two best friends, Stone and Victoria finally met!! I am so happy that they get along so easily. From group chats to adventures with cheese dip, we have done it all. God gave me two of the best :)


Published my second poetry collection in February - "Loving Myself." An empowering collection where I discover self-love again.

Reconnecting with my Elementary school best friend, Brianna! I am so thankful God placed her back in my life. Definitely perfect timing! We make friendship look easy, even being in different cities with busy lives.

Found my voice and decided to own up to my truth of having Anxiety. After going through therapy, I wrote my third poetry collection, "Anxiety Doesn't Own Me." I hope I am helping people own their truth through my experiences dealing with Anxiety.

The end of November, I decided to close a difficult, but empowering chapter of my life with a final poem dedicated to that time. Closing that time in my life was hard - at least publishing those emotions, for right now. Saying goodbye to that love was the hardest thing I've had to do, but "Closing Our Chapter" gave me the ending I needed. I am so glad Marias at Sampaguitas published my raw and real poem.

My favorite part of 2019 was in August, the moment that set my fourth poetry collection in motion. On August 25th, two weeks after I started attending The Grove Baptist Church, I rededicated my life to Christ during alter call. I am so thankful that I did. God has changed my life from the inside out. I am finally happier, my emotions are more real at church, and I am staying connected more than I was before. Sometimes you have to go outside your comfort zone to make those big changes in your life. In my case, God put an idea in my head and a feeling in my heart to attend The Grove on August 11th. Four months later, I have barely missed church and I read my bible more, plus I participate in studies at church - where I used to not talk much. Finally, when my faith was stronger than the beginning of the year, I started working on my Bible verse poetry collection, "Running Home." After a few months of working on it, I finally published it this week (December 5, 2019). I am so thankful that God moves mountains even when we feel like we aren't changing, we are, for Him.


I would say the last decade has been pretty spectacular. So many milestones and trials, alike. I think even though I went through the most heartache the last year (2018-2019), I am more thankful for it - the lessons learned, finding myself, running back to God. 2018/2019 are definitely my favorite years!

What did your decade look like?

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